Marc Jaoude

With 15 years of experience as a certified personal trainer and health educator, my mission is to provide you with the information, tools and guidance you need to achieve your true potential. I have fine-tuned a very powerful holistic method that combines exercise with plant-based nutrition, and I am driven by the long-term success achieved by my clients.

Working with individuals of all ages and levels, I bring a unique, dedicated and very detail oriented approach to every session. I especially enjoy training couples, friends and family members together because it allows them the opportunity to form strong communities and support systems. Once you enter my studio I will bring forward every effort to impact your life in a positive way, teaching you how to successfully implement habits that lead to greater health and well being.

I am proud of the life-long relationships that I have built with the people I train, many of whom have been with me for close to 15 years. My clients do not hesitate to refer me to their friends and loved ones so that I can educate them on health issues, and they share my lecture videos and articles with the people in their lives. I have never taken this responsibility lightly. Exercise, proper nutrition and a more conscious lifestyle are the seeds of opportunity. It is with great pleasure and commitment that I continue to serve to the best of my ability.

Here is a Q&A on my training methods and experience helping people transform their lives.