Christine Frappier

Christine FrappierMy journey began at a young age when I enrolled into a martial arts school. From that moment on, Taekwondo became my passion and my teacher. I first competed on the local and provincial levels before obtaining my first degree black belt. In 2002 I was proud to represent Team Canada at the World Championships in Australia.

Later, I focused my studies toward the law enforcement field and completed my degree as well as my police school training. In order to pass the physical requirement tests I had to go through a specific training regiment. Like many people, I joined a local gym and followed a program to build my strength and endurance. However, after attaining my goal to pass the physical requirement tests and start my new career, the gym wasn’t giving me anything new and exciting. I was no longer progressing, my body was starting to hurt and I felt like I had hit a plateau. I dropped the gym and started looking for something that would give me better results and improve my energy levels.

In 2008, two years into my career as a police officer, I met Marc who gave me a totally different perspective on training; I immediately saw something different and unique. He worked on my weaknesses and got me stronger in order to make my everyday life pain free. Simply put, I achieved results like never before. In addition, I witnessed first hand the passion and work ethic that Marc brings to his clients, utilizing advanced training concepts to develop customized solutions for every individual. In all my years of training and competing I had never seen anything like it. I made up my mind that I wanted to be a part of it.

I began to study with Marc and received my certification as a personal trainer specialist. Bringing my experience in martial arts and police training, I am happy to be part of the MarkitoFitness team and look forward to working with you.